The Bay Area Women's Health Advocacy Council (BAWHAC) is a coalition of  community partners from various health organizations and institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area whose services and advocacy efforts focus on women's health with an emphasis on women of color.

As an advocacy coalition BAWHAC brings together like minded individuals including volunteers to work together with other community and advocacy groups throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California to advocate for health care reform and access to quality care without barriers. We advocate for those whose voices are seldom heard, the poor, medically underserved, immigrant, elderly and undocumented. As a coalition we work closely with our partners to support legislation that has a major impact on access to programs and services including affordable and safe prescription drugs.
BAWHAC is a project of the Latina Breast Cancer Agency (LBCA) and was formed in March of 2007 through a grant secured from the California Endowment.
LBCA provides quality breast cancer education in Spanish and through its Mujeres Cuidando Mujeres/Women Caring for Women program provides assistance to its Latina community to acquire free breast cancer screening services through California's Every Women Counts Cancer Detection Program.  These direct services are provided through established partnerships the Agency has formed with local hospitals and clinics.
BAWHAC mission is to effectively advocate through a network of community partners for access to quality health care for all women with the goal of reducing health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities, at risk, uninsured, underinsured and medically underserved women.
It is our hope as a collaborative to be one voice and to bridge with the community by opening doors to all women, promoting health education, prevention and early detection, access and advocacy; and helping them to navigate the health care system to acquire quality care and services with dignity and without barriers.
BAWHAC  meets once a quarter. If you are interested in participating or would like to know more about the collaborative - please email: